• The original 1,000 shares of OP3S, EOS5S, RNDR5S, PEPE3S, ETH5S, ALGO5S, DYDX3S, ADA5S, ZRX3S, STORJ3S, MATIC5S, IMX5S, AVAX5S, BNT3S and GAS3S with the new share of the net value 1,000 times the original share. The net value conversion will be based on the net value at the time of the merge.


At the time of the merge, David held 1,000 OP3S, each with a net value of 0.00943314 and a total amount of 9.43314 USDT. After the merge, David holds 1 OP3S, each with a net value of 9.43314, and the total amount remains unchanged at 9.43314 USDT.


  1. During the merge, we will stop the transaction of the currency pair asset half an hour in advance (the merger process is expected to be 1 hour), and other currency pair transactions will not be affected.
  2. Before the merge, all users who have pending orders for the currency pairs above are requested to withdraw their orders in advance. If the orders are not withdrawn, the system will automatically cancel all orders and the relevant assets will be returned to the account.

Leveraged ETF product FAQ: https://bigone.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900002710806

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BigONE Team
13 November 2023